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Docking Equipment - The Unparalleled Success in Mega Stack-up Warehouse


In Singapore, the new warehouse buildings are taking an amazing new design concept due to increasing land cost. The warehouse owners have started building warehouses upward and constructing it higher and higher, instead of occupying one big plot of land, spreading its loading bay horizontally. Now the developers build 4 to 5 double-volume storeys of stack-up warehouse on a smaller piece of land.

In recent years, the trend of new stack-up warehouse continued vigorously as Singapore Government had identified a few industrial estates to build mega warehouse hubs, estates like Greenwich Drive, in closed proximity to Changi Airport and industrial estates like Pioneer, Benoi and Penjuru, which are just a stone throw away from future PSA’s Tuas Terminals.

Business Potential

As you may envisage, instead of having loading bay on ground floor only, it is now constructed at every floor over a few storeys vertically. Trailers, trucks and vans are now able to drive up the ramp to deliver goods to the recipients’ loading bay located at each floor.

Fuelled by the growing demand of new stacking design warehouse, the need for docking equipment had surged drastically in last few years. MHE-Demag Singapore had been extremely successful in supplying dock levellers, dock shelters and rolling shutter doors for these stack-up warehouses. Just to name a few success stories, Cogent 1 Logistics Hub (242 loading bays) at Tanjong Kling, DB Schenker Warehouse (126 loading bays) at Greenwich Drive and Mapletree Logistics Hub (130 loading bays) at Benoi Sector, the loading bays of all these mega warehouses are constructed with MHE-Demag Blue Giant dock levellers to facilitate the loading and unloading of containerised goods.

The Latest Success

The latest completion of DHL Supply Chain Advanced Regional Centre located at Greenwich Drive, testified our unparalleled success once again in mega stack-up warehouse projects. This newly built Regional Centre housed 128 units of MHE-Demag Blue Giant Dock Leveller, 97 units of insulator roller shutter and 97 units of dock shelter. The project contractor, Precise Development Pte Ltd had engaged MHE-Demag in end 2014 to supply, install and commission the docking equipment for this mega warehouse located in Tampines Industrial Park, a short distance to Changi International Airport.

Our impressive track records, robust & market proven dock levellers together with the reliable after-sales service are the three key success factors for securing numerous contracts to equip the mega stack-up warehouses with our lasting docking equipment. Never forget, the smooth and swift project executions do contribute to the making of this amazing success. Mr Garrick Soh, Project Manager (Industrial Products) of MHE-Demag Singapore, who has been involved in dock leveller installation for many years, recalled: “The key challenge for this kind of mega warehouse is coordination between all the M&E services, as construction is carried out in phases so dock leveller installation has to schedule in batches accordingly to avoid delay.”    

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Docking Equipment - The Unparalleled Success in Mega Stack-up Warehouse
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